19 July 2008

Where is the Batman?

The movie hasn't even been over for an hour. I'm still searching for the proper words to express the raw "wow" I'm feeling presently. Maybe it's the Coca-cola, or the Sour Patch kids, or the fact that it's almost 1:30 am, but I'd like to think it's because the movie was just that damned good.
This isn't a movie for kids, let's just get that out of the way right now. A mature 14 year old could handle it, but a childish 18 year old is going to have nightmares. Yeah, it's that good.
All the reviewers are right, though with due deference to one NPR reviewer who lamented the unending depression woven into the film, all of us in the theater chuckled more than once, though some of those were likely the laughter of the uncomfortable. Heather Ledger lived up to his hype, more than that, even. I was originally worried that he would disappoint, but now I wonder who could step in a follow that performance if Nolan wanted to re-visit the Joker character.
This film had more tension than all the cables on the Bay Bridge. This is not a movie for unwinding and relaxing - it is a movie for up-keying. It had the overall tone of a more depressing The Empire Strikes Back, in that it definitely ended on a down yet hopeful note.
Go see it. It's good for you.

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