11 July 2008

Jared isn't the only one who gets to have fun with his Macs!

A few months back I had this Mac Mini I wasn't doing anything with, and mom needed a new computer. So I spruced up the Mini and set her up. Ultimately she decided it wasn't for her - she's just TOO ingrained in the PC way to give it a shot. So I got the Mini back.
Whenever I get my TV back (still fighting that battle, readers), we're going to use the Mini for our Media PC. In the mean time, I've been making sure my little box of G4-love (Tiger w/ 500mb RAM) gets used to its full potential.
I had thought to buy an external USB/Print server (wireless) to hook all my external goodies into so I could print and file-manage from the kitchen table if I wanted to, but after checking the prices for that stuff, I started thinking, and remembered that the Mini was already in place, and well suited to the task! I've attached both external USB hard drives to it, and both printers. Time was we had to plug out laptops in to the "master" USB cable I'd set up in the library to gain access to printing/external drives. Well no more, Sally!
The printers are now fully accessible over the LAN, as are the USB drives - that took a little bit of SMB magic on the command line. There's something very zen about working from the command line. Makes you think a little more, because it's not all laid out in front of you like windowed operations. It also gives the poor little mouse a rest.
I almost, -almost- bought a wireless apple keyboard last night at Best Buy when I was pricing out the print servers. Almost. My wallet was already aching from shipping a certain someone's laptop adapter and camera to Hawaii, so I was able to step away from the aluminum goodness.

The Mini is well on its way to being a great little media PC - if I have the guts I might even scrounge up a 1-GB memory chip to stick in it, though getting that little guy open is not for the feint of heart. I might have to seek out an Apple "genius" to do that, mostly because I have no desire to destroy the tough little bugger.
I have to buy an IR receiver for the Apple remote that came with my macbook, to use with the mini, because my first-run mini doesn't have one on the face. Ah well. That will only be $30 or so.


Anonymous said...

hehe. Awesome that the Mac mini is still living. That said, what are you running on now as your primary machine? 0_o

(for notes sake, the G3 B&W is still alive too)

That'll be a good use for the Mac mini G4. minis in general make really good media center machines. For IR adapters and such, you might want to look at something from Keyspan as recommended here on the Remote Buddy website.

The new aluminum keyboards are sexy. I missed the num-pad and F13-F19 function keys and went back to my wired version with my iMac, but the wireless is still around for the occasional need with the PowerBook.

Getting the mini open is pretty easy. You get used to the clips making that noise after the first or second machine you crack open. That said, let me check my PC2700/PC3200 stash, I might have a 1GB stick laying around (upgraded a few iMac and PowerMac G5s, which used the same type of RAM)...

Unknown said...

I'm rocking a white 13" macbook Core 2 Duo with 2GB of RAM and Leopard.

Unknown said...

You remember how much GIR loved piggies?

That's how much I love this little macbook.

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