06 July 2008

I'm putting in for a Suspension Reimbursement

What the hell, New Jersey? It's like they want you to be damned sure you have business in the garden state if you're going to be traveling here. The first 10 miles of I-78 we worse than Route 1 in College Park, or what I imagine certain roads in Afghanistan were like in December of 2001. Or, you know, the SURFACE OF THE MOON. Cratered, I think, is the motif I'm looking for here.
Then we were deceived by some nice asphalt for about 200 yards, and then lowest-bidder mentality took over. I think the contractors must be from PA, because there were seams in the asphalt.
Let that sink in.
That's right, dear readers, instead of the noisy but adaptable PA-familiar "WHIR-THUNK-WHIR-THUNK-WHIR-THUNK", you get "hum-THUNK-hum-THUNK-hum-THUNK".
Disconcerting as hell. I knew PA roads sucked, but I don't remember the Jersey highways being this bad the last few times I was here, not that I spend a lot of time in my Ancestral state.
My other Ancestral state, that is.
So I'm going to petition the governor of NJ to hand over a check for a new suspension and any related damage that might have occurred (thank God I don't have any fillings, or else I'd be making a dental appointment). Or maybe not, because that would require a lot of work, and I'm going to save up my discontent for the fine folks at Shipley's TV Repair of 45 Waverly Drive in Frederick, MD. They aren't expecting to have the part for my poor TV shipped until tomorrow. They likely won't have the part until Friday, because they don't care enough for my custom to request that the part be shipped air, and it takes 5 days to ship ground from CA, where the (back-ordered, did I mention that?) part is coming from.
Today's lesson:
never do business with Shipley's TV Repair of 45 Waverly Drive in Frederick, MD, and if you come to New Jersey, make sure you have your suspension in good working order.
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