15 July 2008

I Grew a Pickle!

At least, that's what my caffeine-deprived brain thought this morning as I stole a moment on my way to the car to check on the vegetables in the yard. It is, in fact, a small cucumber of a size seeming perfect for pickling. alas, one cucumber does not a jar of kosher dills make.
So the cucumbers, long thought to be lost, are enjoying a resurgence as my sqush plant does this weird trailing thing along the ground. I have eaten of my squash, and shared of my gourdian bounty, and still more grow. The yellow squash are definitely on my grow list for next year.
A pair of green bean harvests and a pair of pea harvests have seen these plants largely vegged-out, though that is not to say that I might not wring one more plate of beans from my weary plants. For the peas I hold out small hope for more picking. Those little guys will get much better direction from me next time.
The black beans, planted from the seeds in the bag bought at the grocery store for eating, are also growing phenomenally. I can almost taste how good they are going to be when I pick them and boil them fresh. I think it might be time for me to figure out how to make tamales.
Peppers are another surprising survivor! All 4 pepper plants have surged above the squash and bean mayhem to spread their leaves in the sun - my Hungarian wax plant has even already produced a delicious pepper!
The bad seeds, e.g. carrots, even bore me some fruit. I have enjoyed a carrot or 2 of my own, and shared the remainder with my parents.
Corn has produced silk and ears and tassels. Thar be corn in them thar stalks! I wonder what popcorn tastes like on the cob?
Flowers slowly peek out from their plants, as I realize I will either have to start seeds myself, or buy them started from elsewhere if I want flowers before July next year.
I presently have 4 species of the mint family growing in the herb garden: peppermint, spearmint, chocolate mint, and lemon balm.
Chocolate mint has delicious leaves for simply chewing on.

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Becca said...

well if you want, I can teach you all about Mexican cooking...

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