08 July 2008

The 4th on the 5th with the Rapps

This should have been written sooner, but we shifted gears so quickly into "getting Francesca to the airport" mode, that the full extent of just how much fun we had (e.g., enough to write about) has struck me only this morning.
Saturday evening we went to the Rappaport's house way out in the county (Washington) to enjoy food, fun, and uhm, friends...only no McDonald's. Jason and Nikki have a gorgeous house on a downright picturesque spot of land in the northern part of WashCo. It backs up onto the Conococheague (no spell check needed - WashCo represent), and even though it's on the approach to the Airport, it's still quiet and secluded.
The food! Standard (and delicious) burgers and dogs and chips and pasta salads and Francesca's Famous guacamole (made with real guacas) - Jason steamed clams and corn and potatoes in a ground-oven. It smelled like the ocean when he lifted the tarp to haul out the sacks of food. Desserts were equally delicious. Thank God for the volley ball game later that evening, I know I burned some calories chasing and diving for the ball in my bare feet.
So a big "thanks!" to the Rappaports for a great time Saturday evening. You might say we had an 'explosively' good time!


Eryeal said...

How could I not be mentioned in this entry?

Unknown said...

You were. You're part of the "uhm, friends" phrase!

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