28 June 2008

Rob•E and Chess•E Go See WALL•E (with Ray)

Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella had their Princes Charming; Lady had the Tramp, and Beauty had her Beast. Now Wall•E has his EVE.
We went to see "Wall•E" last night with Ray. Only yesterday morning I heard the NPR review of the movie I'd been following online since February or so of this year, and the reviewer loved it. So far everyone had loved it, and the previews had been awesome.
But would it be any good?
It was.
Even though there's no "spoken dialog" for the first half hour or so, you're not bored; in fact, you feel a little like you're peeking in on Wall•E's life, and you fall in love with the little guy, hi curiosity, and even his twinkie-loving pet roach.
I'm not going to speak much to the plot herein because I want you to go see it. It's that good. I don't have a rating scale, but if I did, this film would get top marks. You're kept interested, curious, at times enthralled, and it plays on your heartstrings somewhat, as well. Central to the movie is the idea of wastefulness and sloth, and the depiction of a mega-corporation is ironic, given Disney's own size and reach. The message felt a bit more acceptable to me in "Wall•E", than the eco-message did in "Happy Feet", which snuck up and bludgeoned you with an eco-message smack in the middle of a fun movie about a dancing penguin. Maybe it's that Wall•E's home is the back drop for the entire film, or that the news I read daily is that we're all finding ways to do something to fight against the creation of these future mountains of garbage, or just that Disney/PIXAR got better screenwriters.
"Wall•E" is the movie that deserves to be seen on the big screen. The detail of presentation in this film often makes you think it's more than just CGI animation - and I'm not just talking about Fred Willard, though I'm wondering whether or not they CGIed him for the movie, or just blended in real film. I imagine the latter would be more cost effective, but never put anything past PIXAR.
This movie already has a place in my DVD collection. Go see it in the theater! It's more than just a movie for kids, it's that rare creature: a good date movie that will actually keep both of you interested enough in the movie to not worry about whether or not the date's going well, if it's that sort of date.

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