13 June 2008

Name Change Again? Why Not!

I was thinking. Weblog kind of sounds like webelos, you know the highest rank of cub scout.
weblog + webelos = webelogos
Do a little anagrammatic toying with the letters and you get weblegos.
Legos rock, and building website (or writing on this thing) is a lot like playing with Legos.
Also, a 1 page Google search for "web legos" only delivers this link as something not related to the LegOS or the entertaining plastic brick.
Point is, I'm thinking Weblegos is a great name for this web-log, and even though I recently changed to this incredibly long Latin name, I think I need to snatch this name up before it's too late. I'm going with it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Short and relatively easy to remember - hooray for change!

It's ok. You go changing names, I'll go on changing layouts until I get around to getting my own server co-located...

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