26 June 2008

Local Pizza Shop Close it's Lid for Good?

Corsi's is closing.

Still reeling from last night's (10pm) pizza and beer dinner (Happy Birthday, Parker!), I read the linked article this morning.
Corsi's Pizza is part of my mental landscape. The sight of that shop means "home" to me as much as Bonebrake's Alignment Shop, Culligan, or those odd planter/gargoyle things at the corners of the house across Maryland Ave. from Corsi's. You know, the one that faces onto Wilson. That one.
They aren't closing for lack of business, which helps me absolve myself of guilt. I only ever ate there once. I'd convinced a factory worker where I did HR that instead of sitting at home and collecting disability that she should come in to work and do a light duty regimen. for that the plant manager treated me to lunch at Corsi's. I remember it was good.
I have an aunt who left the area for awhile to live out west. When she came home, the first thing she asked me was "does Corsi's pizza still taste like cardboard?".
She grew up in the North End.
I grew up just up the street from Corsi's, and always enjoyed the tidy look of the pizza shop on the corner. Hopefully someone will buy the place and keep it going. It'd be a shame to let another local landmark fade away.

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