25 June 2008

First Harvest

Yup, it's a garden post. I'll not ramble on in detail about every plant in the yard, but everything is growing nicely to date, save for what I'm considering my "lessons"; more on those in a moment.
The first harvests have come in for Francesca and me! We recently enjoyed a salad of "baby" romaine that I thinned from the hanging planter so the rest could continue to grow. It was perfect. Just Monday evening we had a dinner of leftovers, but added to that was a god serving for each of us of peas I'd picked only minutes before, with a fresh-pulled carrot mixed in for flavor. Peas 'n' Carrots never did taste so good.
We're looking at some green beans and squash next on the menu, and then it's a toss up

Lessons Learned

I'm always learning something new, even when it's something I've done since I was kid, like gardening. After my earlier troubles with bad seed, I was worried about germination, and then the plants what did grow not producing enough, uhm, produce, for us to eat from to make my work worthwhile (last year's tomato fiasco still fresh in my mind).
In my zeal I planted too densely, and then I didn't thin as assiduously as I ought to have, and have created instead of neat rows of plants, a seething green morass of beans and peas and peppers (and squash) all competing for sunlight with some random carrots tossed in to the fray for good measure. It's like some proto-stew without the onions or celery. Likewise my potted radish and carrot experiment has withered in my face because of over-seeding and too much hot sun.
The corn stands idly by and grows. I will not grow corn next year. Well, maybe a stalk or 2 just for fun.
Come second planting in August, I will not plant so thick.
There is production on my plants, but not the rich bounty I'm used to seeing. Of course this is only the second year for this soil, so next year will be better because of the wonderful compost I'll be working in come Autumn as well as some more top soil. My goal is to have such wonderful soil for planting by the time we move that I'll shovel it in to some bins and move it to the new house with everything else.
So lessons learned:
  • Work that soil with compost, bagged soil, and some fertilizer.
  • Don't plant so damned thickly.

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