26 June 2008

13" + 19" != 37"

any way you slice it.

Shipley's TV Repair of 45 Waverley Drive in Frederick has my television.
They have had my television since 6/9/08.
I have called them at least weekly since leaving it with them for the warranty repair, and every time I call it is another excuse for why it's not ready.
Phillips' website was down so we set it aside and just got back to it...we're waiting on parts information...we're going to get it up on the bench Wednesday...we got it up on the bench and had to order a part for it...
It's always 'we'll call you on [Day x, some indistinct relatively near point a few days in the future] and let you know'. They close most days at 6. They never call me. I have to call them.
If you need your TV repaired, but want to NOT WAIT A MONTH to have it back, then I suggest using someone else, because the fine folks at Shipley's love to take their good sweet time with things.
Yet, they certainly don't waste any time on explanations. Why did they tell me they needed parts information when they hadn't even LOOKED at it yet? Why did they just now order a part?
Look, I've done plenty of warranty electronics (computers & peripherals) support over the years, and I know damn well what is involved in fixing any electronic component. I've had my share of laptops pulled apart on my own workbench.
Shipley's, of Waverley Drive in Frederick, MD, I'd ask that you not piss on my leg and tell me it's raining and just fix my television. I will most certainly share my displeasure with you, but not before I get my TV back.
With the time you've taken, this unit should last until the Sun goes nova.

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