05 May 2008

You Do Love Puppies, Don't You?

Wired.com has these weekly photo contests that I just found out about via their RSS feed. Well, far be it from me to pass up an opportunity to suffer the ignominy of the public ignoring my work! I participated last week, and I have 2 photos in the running this week.
I think that as long as I have fitting photos I'll play along with the contest - or I'll just have to take new shots to match the theme if I don't have anything in my portfolio (link to the right). Embarassingly most of those were taken with one of my Coolpix cameras. Hell, I took this week's entries using a 2 MP HP912. What a fun camera. Eats batteries like they were delicious cookies.
Regarding the contest, Lunchtime and Happiness are mine. You might remember that Lunchtime is a previous award winner in the Herald-Mail amateur digital photo contest, a couple of years back. Happiness is a fun shot of Jake I got last Summer when I was playing with the HP before I had to hand it over to a certain individual of whom we shall not speak.
I'd be so honored if you, my dozen readers, would consider voting for my photo. If you like one of them, that is. At least, don't vote against them! Hey, I know that look...Stop! You don't hate puppies and children, do you?

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