09 May 2008

TJ High School Showcase:

Or, I'll Review Anything

Raw Shots:
TJ Spring Showcase 2008

My presence was requested last night by my brother-in-law, the estimable Chaz, for his final performance of his senior year of high school. Partially because I'm just that cool, but mostly because I have a camera - he wanted photos. Which is coincidental, because I like to take photos!
I sat through one of these last year, and to be honest, it was just okay (Chaz still rocked). I steeled myself for more high school performances with the family bright spot in the middle of it all. Well wasn't I presently surprised.
The first act of the night (after the certificates were handed out) was We kommich denn zur Tur (Brahms) done as a guitar duo; I could already tell that this year was going to be entertaining.
Following directly after was the Flamenco Trumpet (with piano accompaniment) laying some Virgin de la Macarena (Mendez) on us. The cape and Flamenco hat were a great touch, and the kid definitely had the talent to pull off the outfit. I mean, I could have done it better, but, well, you have to know trumpet players.

How many trumpet players does it take to screw in a light bulb?
1 to do it, and 10 others to stand around saying how they could have done it better, and with more style.

Following up El Flamenco was my own family-in-law, senor Chaz del familia Aguado, with his partner for their duet rendition of Sonata (Longo 288) (Scarlatti). Such power, such beauty, such grace! Enough about my photography of the performance; but seriously folks, it was fantastic.
The Oboe Desitned for Peabody finished out the non-choral part of the performance with Sonata No. 1 I-IV (Handel). I've heard my share of high school oboes over the years, and this kid should not only go pro, but get paid plenty for it.
The chorus performed some pretty challenging (rhythmically) pieces: Memory, come Hither (Pinkham), Jabberwocky (Carroll/Pottle), & Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine (Whitacre). College-level stuff here, folks.
Closing out the evening was the debut of the Advanced Theatre Studies' movie: "Waiting for Hoffman". I laughed, a lot. I also recognized iDVD, iMovie, and GarageBand, 3 of my favorite iLife Apps. Could some of the scenes have been edited a little tighter? Sure. Did they put a pile of effort into the thing and deliver a product that was entertaining and damned funny at times? Again, Definitely.
So with the gimmick of the film being that the ATS kids crawled out from under the screen after the film set that up, the evening ended. My gallery of un-retouched shots is above, for anyone who's interested. I really wish I'd been able to record some audio, 'cos it's worth listening to; all of it. Thanks for an entertaining evening, kids.
What will I review next? I guess you'll have to keep checking back to find out.

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