22 May 2008

Read Your (we)b(-)logs, They're Good For You!

It's not all just baseless commentary, ego-stroking, and bad poetry, according to an article at Scientific American written about a study in the February issue of the Oncologist.

How's that for Tertiary sourcing? Yeah, you know you love it. It's why you read these things. Other than the fact that you need to read them to tell me how cool I am - speaking of which, I haven't had a single comment since moving my rambling over here. Is anyone reading? Don't make me bust out another sonnet.
Okay, maybe these things are mostly baseless ego-stroking poetry, but the point of the article still stands: Web-logging (I haven't given up the good fight against the B word yet) has not only obvious therapeutic benefits, but also likely has physiological benefits that are linked to the same relief we feel from complaining, or more simply just communicating what's bugging us.
There, I saved you all that tedious reading. You're welcome. Now if you're out there, let me know! My ego is in desperate need of stroking.

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