21 May 2008

May Showers Drench Pilgrims

May is floating by us on a river of rainwater, which is great for my water bill. Instead of having to water my young garden every evening, this steady stream of rain has provided for excellent growth already.
If you'll recall, I planted carrots, lettuce, spinach, and radishes in my first round of planting. Much of the seed was too old to germinate. Alas! Though it appears that a handful of carrots and a brace of radishes have since made themselves known. I've also since bought more of all 4 seeds and planted them in containers - they have germinated promptly and are growing nicely! I can already taste the salad.
Beans, beans, beans. Green and black and lima. My green bean plants are up and growing, and I planted some black bean seeds (straight from the bag from the grocery store!) which have also sprouted! Similar to mis pintas negras, I have some limas in the ground, just planted Monday evening; they should provide a nice meal right aroudn the time we're getting sick of green beans. I hope.
My peas are looking good, too. They've put out their little tendrils, looking to climb. I've provided stakes for them to climb up, hopefully making for easy picking when the time comes.
The broccoli plants I seeded have been thinned out, and those who won out are getting bigger every day. I couldn't bring myself to toss the thinned seedlings, as my decision was arbitrary, so they are in water presently - if they continue to grow, I'll pot them up and see how long I can keep them going. I did similar with my squash, which I have thinned out, hopefully enough. Chess's aunt Shelly gave us some cucumber plants, and I have planted those nest to the squash; the cucumbers will grow up the fence I have for them while the squash get bushy. This is my plan.
The popcorn, of course, has all sprouted. Everyone marvels at me when I tell them what I've done. I'm going to try to eat some fresh this time, just to see what it tastes like. Maybe I'll make some succotash with my beans.
Finally, peppers. Bell, Hungarian hot wax, and cayenne. All three are proudly represented in my soil - the seedlings also planted Sunday with this 3rd round. If the birds (and the dogs) stay away, we should see real produce by the end of June! My brace of radishes are likely going to be ready in another week or so.
Flowers are killing me this year! I expected to be awash in floral foliage by this point. The coreopsis is coming up gang-busters everywhere I plant it, but my wildflower seeds barely germinated, and I can't seem to get a good sunflower started to save myself - I think birds and slugs are to blame here. I have since deployed my toy animal troops (dragon and rhino) to stand watch over my gardens. Battle-cat may have to be called in to guard the flowerbeds, since the dragon is on basil-watch.
Herbally, my garden is about 60% booming, and 40% bust. The good news is that sage and peppermint are growing so well I had to prune them back already (they were overwhelming seedling flowers and resurgent mums), the cilantro volunteers from last year are sprouted, and the freshly planted chamomile is thriving. My lemon balm is still mush too tiny for ground planting, so it's on the porch still. The poor basil I bought with the chamomile has been attacked. I can't blame whomever did it, because basil is tasty, and I'd gladly share, but come on, animals, let the stuff grow! If I have to buy more I will, but I'd rather see this plant survive.
I'm still fighting the battle of the grass in our south-east quadrant, seeing some success. Our hanging baskets out front thus far are prospering, and I have schemes for furhter beautification of the front of our humble home. If time and money will allow.
Wow, that's an exhaustive recap. If you got through this, I owe you some fresh cut herbs, a flower, and some veggies. When they're ready. and only if you comment.

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