28 May 2008

Battle of the Blossoms

Sorry, this isn't about Mayim Bialik and some bizarro version of her in a steel cage death match. It's about my garden. Yes, it's that time again, to update you on where I am with my plants, my grass, and the war to keep the dogs from either eating or destroying both.
The vegetable gardening is in full-tilt now. I had my first "harvest" last night when I pulled out the 2 surviving radishes from the first planting. They are huge and they are going to be delicious. I think I will eat them tonight. My container radishes are looking really good, as are my container lettuce and spinach. There will be salad.
Limas still haven't sprouted (Still have a few more days before I worry about them), but corn and beans and squash and broccoli and peppers and cucumbers are all looking healthy. The black beans are just about to explode into growth like their green bean cousins just have. At this rate we'll have fresh green beans for dinner well before Francesca leaves for Hawaii.
The herb garden is looking better. Sage and mint are both bushing up nicely, and the second planting of basil ( the first was eaten by something) is happily settling in between the sage and the volunteer cilantro, which itself is looking better every day. I have not been able to find any oregano when I went back to look for it, but I'll be planting that and another perennial herb to replace the oregano and thyme that the dogs destroyed over the winter.
Flowers are still a pain. I have a few volunteer alyssum and a couple of flowering weeds. I planted so many flower seeds back in April. I had visions of lush carpets of blossoms by now. I bought a butterfly bush to replace the one we lost over the winter, and I got smart and planted it in the ground this time. I also bought a couple of flowers that looked nifty. What flowers have sprouted are growing, but damn I wish they'd grow a little faster. I found my marigold seeds from last year! I planted a bunch around the yard, but it'll probably be July before they show results. The moral of the story is that I'm either going to have to start seeds inside in March, or just buy flats of flowers if I want blooms by June.
Thus the Battle of the Blossoms. As if by sheer force of will (and water, sun, and fertilizer) have I been trying to get my flowers to bloom. Hopefully by the grace of God and good weather I'll have more flowers than I know what to do with by the time she's back from Hawaii.
In other news, I went nuts and bought 40 pounds of grass seed and 4 cubic feet of starter soil and seeded the bare patch in the yard, which I staked off with actual fencing (replacing the yellow rope and bamboo poles - so ghetto) to keep the dogs out. I did that this past weekend. I told Francesca that if we don't have grass there in a month, I'm digging a hole and we're putting in a pond.
As I said, the old yellow-rope and bamboo "fence" has been replaced by some green wire fencing (technically tomato trellis courtesy of Big Lots) around the dead-grass zone, the bird bath bed, and the vegetable garden. It's much cleaner looking (almost invisible from the proper angle), and it does a better job of keeping the dogs out. Why I thought yellow would matter to dogs I don't know. They're color blind.
Well I'm not, and I'm ready for some more color in the yard. I have some more shots of the yard, and I'll edit this up and link to them later this evening - this time I promise!


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