30 April 2008

Once Spring Has Sprung, Can Frost Foul Fickle Fronds?

Not fronds, per se, but seedlings. Seedlings didn't alliterate, though. What am I on about? Oh yeah, my garden.
You may have read in my Myspace weblog (it's linked somewhere around here) that I've planted a garden, in the finest tradition of Murray men. I garden for many reasons:
  • an investment in seeds, water, and time is still less dollars than buying the grown food
  • It uses space in the yard that otherwise I'd have to mow
  • It looks nice
  • I have a knack for it
But mostly, because I feel impelled to do it. It's in my bones, as much as watching football, voting Republican, and breathing. It's something that a man does, how I was raised. Aro, ergo sum.
I had taken some time off from serious gardening while I lived in my townhouse, focusing mostly on houseplants. My garden in our new home has been something I was looking forward to, even if last year's inaugural experience was more filling for the dogs than it was for us (Zoe took a liking to eating ripe tomatoes off the vine). This year, I vowed as I gazed upon my domain during the long, cold winter, I would live up to my legacy and plant, goddammit!
I did not wait for May to be half gone before putting time into the land. I planted earlier this month, after we had our round of warm days. I was so happy to put things in order outside our back door (this is still a work in progress in some areas). It has mostly continued to be warm, too. Many nights have we slept with our windows open. Excepting last night, and probably tonight.
A cold snap is moving through, with temperatures supposed to reach down into the frost area. This is typical. I take the time to shovel and hoe and fertilize and plant seeds, fret over the seeds until they start to sprout (for the record, my father's garden is looking fantastic compared to my efforts), and then rejoice and give thanks as more sprouts emerge, spreading their first true leaves to the sun, and then a frost moves through. I'll do what I can to protect my small friends, but it still irks me that on this last day of April, less than 24 hours until May, I'm worrying about frost.
Here's hoping that the frost doesn't come, or is merciful; I can already taste the fresh beans, squash, peas, broccoli, peppers, radishes, and carrots. and popcorn. I'll talk about the popcorn later, and maybe I'll share some photos of April's efforts in the yard.

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